My working holiday 1st ep—from fans to therapist 打工渡假初體驗(上)—從粉絲到治療師


After quitting my first job this Lunar New Year, I spent most time planning to live in Canada; in other spare time, I worked in elder house, doing home rehab and some early intervention with children. In this half year, I worked more for self-achievement and self-discovering than the money I made. Though my favorite job makes least but is becoming part of my dream as a Physiotherapist. That is being a PT for UTR, the middle and distant running team in University of Taipei.

I have been a big fan of Chia-Che and UTR, the team he coach and train with. Chia-Che is the TPE London Olympic marathoner but after breaking his tibialis posterior tendon and the replacement surgery in 2014, he suffered from a long rehab and finally came back to top this year. Since their school isn’t far, I was dreaming to work as a PT or even train with them.

As a new grad PT, I was hesitated if I was compatible to be a professional runners’ therapist. Just like how Chia-Che encourages athletes to be active; if I really wish something come true, I should do something but not wait for it. So I decided to contact UTR track and field captain, Jerry Liang, who is also a vlogger with a favourable big smile. In the beginning I watch their training once a week, doing some consultations, stretch advices and manual techniques in some cases. Gradually, I appeared earlier warm up and sometimes run with them.

Every time I join UTR training is a chance talking to my running idols, which don’t happen even in my dreams. One day we talked about summer vacation and training trip. I heard they planned to train in high altitude in Japan and Gansu, China. From that day, I appeared more often and tried to be reliable in my profession waiting the best time to propose joining their training trip.

“Shih Chi, how is your work in elder house?” Chia-Che asked. “It’s good, but I’m about to quit.” I replied curiously. “May I discuss something with you later?” He asked again. I smelled some good news, but I tried to reply my agreement calmly. Hopefully, Chia-Che wanted to sponsor my plane ticket and accommodation to Gansu as a PT for three weeks, and I can run with them if I want. What a good surprise; I got the invitation from Truly Man(Chia-Che), one of my biggies idol runner!

(To be continued)



Drinking coffee and reading book of Truly man



Leading core exercise in Gansu






“世奇,你現在安養機構的工作如何?” 嘉哲問。“還不錯,但我已經跟他們提離職。” 我回答,但好奇這問句的背後。“等回兒有空? 想跟你討論件事。” 他接著說,這回我更確認嗅到一股好消息,但仍做勢以平常心回復。幸運地是,嘉哲想資助我的機票與住宿,邀請我擔任隨隊治療師一同到甘肅移地訓練三個禮拜,同時也歡迎我一起做高地訓練。幾個月的接觸讓我得到真男人(張嘉哲)的邀請,當下我是又驚又喜的答應了。




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